The C043/E was designed to cut and form the leads of taped components. It is capable of vertical and horizontal forms. Horizontal forms up to .052 inches and vertical forms up to .032 inches.

Interchangeable tooling dies and a full range of adjustments allow for a variety of different form configurations to be obtained from one machine.

Available options include a component reel stand, loose feed attachment and digital readout for adjustments.

Simple to operate, the C043/E is excellent for small and large production runs.

Technical Specifications

Production Rate:7,000 pcs/hr
Dimensions:600mm L x 440mm W x 420mm H (24.0" L x 18.0" W x 17.0" H)
Electrical:220v, 50hz, 0.12kw (110v, 60hz, 0.12kw)

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