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Our History

Herbert Streckfuss GMBH was founded in 1960 by Herbert Streckfuss in Karlsruhe West Germany. Streckfuss pioneered stress free processing of components that eliminate damage and insured high yield final assemblies. Streckfuss machines are the most reliable lead forming machines in the world. Easy to set up and operate with minimal maintenance. Many of our machines have been in continuous operation for over twenty-five years – some even longer.

Our U.S. Location

Streckfuss USA is located in Dallas, TX to service and support Streckfuss users in the Western Hemisphere.

Our Capabilities

Military manufacturers choose Streckfuss machines because the equipment exceeds all military requirements for minimal tool markings on the component leads. Our engineers can provide a variety of lead forms; right angle bends, V-processing, stand-offs, standoff snap-in, clamp wave (Flush Mount snap-in) – even lead coining where required. Streckfuss machines transport the parts without wheels, regardless of the volume.

Streckfuss machines can pre-form radial, axial, transistors, op amps, TO-220s and numerous other component packages in automatic or manual versions. Streckfuss also makes lead trimming equipment and also provides custom solutions. If your requirement is difficult, Streckfuss has a solution.